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Founder Melissa Watson Ellis has worked as a designer and production manager in the NYC apparel industry (Ralph Lauren, Theory, Faherty) for the last decade, five years of which was spent at a men's bespoke suiting company. She has also designed a line of patterns for the McCall pattern company since she was a teenager. In other words, she's an expert when it comes to fit, garment construction, and custom-apparel design.

WATSON ELLIS brings all of Melissa's experience to bear on our premium products and how they are fitted to your body. We only use the best fabrics from the best mills in Italy and the UK; and our garments are actually handmade at our family-owned and operated factory in China which is second-to-none in terms of bespoke apparel craftsmanship.

We at WATSON ELLIS pride ourselves on our design aesthetic and styling expertise. When you come to us, Melissa will work with you to ensure that the styling and design of your garment/s is on point in every way. 



Why watson ellis?

Why custom?

  • Because unlike ready-to-wear fashion, Watson Ellis garments are made with your personality and body in mind. Our clothes are not based on generic sizes or styles. Instead, they are based on your unique measurements and style. As a result, they’re going to fit you better, as well as being a better / more accurate representation of your personality.

  • Because fast fashion and / or ready-to-wear is generally not made to last. We, by contrast, are setting out to make heirlooms — the kinds of garments that you will treasure; garments that you will think of as central pieces in your wardrobe for many years.

  • Because you are unique and your clothes should be too. Our garments are completely customizable, from the cut, color, fabric and lining, down to the buttons, buttonholes and stitching.

unique shopping Experience!!

  • It’s a by-appointment-only business. That means Melissa works with you one-on-one to ensure the best possible result in terms of design and fit. It also means that your shopping experience is more fun, personalized and interactive than it is when you walk into a standard retail store. There might even be a cocktail or two involved..

Uniquely positioned

  • Melissa is uniquely positioned as a female tailor, designer and seamstress with over ten years of experience across these fields. She is not just a budding designer who had a (great!!) idea to launch a tailoring company. Instead she knows exactly how these garments are being constructed, the composition of every fabric, and how to perfectly fit according to your measurements. This kind of experience is invaluable when it comes to ensuring the highest quality bespoke product.

Old School craftsmanship / new luxury

  • Our fabrics are sourced from the best mills in Italy and the UK.

  • Our garments are constructed by hand at one of the world’s best family-run factories. The attention to detail and overall manufacturing quality is therefore second to none.




What is Bespoke?

Have you ever gone to a department store and walked away feeling like nothing was quite right for your style or body? Either you were in-between sizes, or those colors were just not flattering on you!? Bespoke garments are fit and tailored to your specific measurements, and you get to choose from hundreds of design and color preferences. The options are endless.


No. All design options are included — buttons, buttonholes, lapel widths, pocket types etc.. We do, however, offer special printed linings for an extra $150. All of the solid Japanese Bemberg linings are included in the cost of the suit. And there is an $150 charge for a silk satin Tuxedo treatment.


Lead time is about 3-5 weeks for a first time client. Usually the finished product will be in your hands within 6 weeks.


All our fabric is milled in either the UK, France, or Italy, and the cut and sew is done in China by a family-owned tailoring company that has been in business for 25 years. The construction skills of their tailors are unparalleled.


Pricing fully depends on the fabric and garment that you choose. Here is a quick rundown:

  • 2pc Suits - Start at $1200 for men; and $1100 for women

  • Blazers - Start at $995 for men; and $798 for women

  • Pants - Start at $375 for men; and $350 for women

  • Overcoats - for both men and women - Start at $1900 for 100% New Zealand Wool, Cashmere blends start at $2300, Baby Camelhair starts at $2800, 100% Cashmere Starts at $4800

  • Shirts - for both men and women: $400 for one, or 4 for $1000


Cut and sew costs are fixed across the board. Cost variance basically comes down to different fabric prices — there are, for example, major differences between cashmere and lamb’s wool in terms of price. There are some upgrade options in terms of linings and trims as well.


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