Custom Suits for Women NYC

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If you're a woman, buying a great custom tailored suit in New York is a pretty difficult proposition. There are plenty of tailoring companies out there, many of whom offer custom options for women. But most NY tailors are just simply not setup to properly accommodate women.  

For one thing, women's bodies are obviously different to men's in fundamental ways. We require our own sizing templates and methods. It's not good enough to just squeeze us into men's formats, which is what a lot of custom companies tend to do. The results, in my experience, are not great... You basically end up with a pretty ill-fitting suit or blazer, in other words. Going through the process of being squeezed into a men's custom template might even be enough to turn a lot of women off custom suiting altogether.  

There is also the issue of design and styling when it comes to women's custom suiting. Most male-oriented companies just don't get what women want in terms of style and design.  

Generally speaking, we don't want what the guys have. We want other options, often of the more fashion-forward variety. We want flair and textures that are uniquely feminine, and the fabric options aimed at men simply don't cut it.  

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This ineptitude in terms of styling for women in the custom suiting business is the major issue as we see it. Most of us don't want to walk into fitting studios filled with chesterfield lounges and too much dark wood. We don't much want brown liquor on the rocks or a cigar to go with our fitting experience. These glorified man-caves don't inspire much confidence that a chic and feminine custom garment is going to be delivered in the end. Sorry. 

At Watson Ellis, we create custom suits for the women of NYC with women specifically in mind. What that means is that our sizing and fitting methods have been specifically developed to accommodate women.  

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I’m constantly working on curating the best fabric and design options for women too. Radical textures, colors, patterns, as well as more classic styles. We feel we truly have great options for women of all tastes.  

We've also worked really hard to setup the Watson Ellis showroom - 80 8th Avenue Suite 1010 New York, NY  10011 - as a space that will make women feel comfortable and confident that they are in good hands as soon as they walk in the door. 

We are passionate about working with women and getting as many of the women of NYC in custom garments designed to perfectly fit their bodies and reflect their personalities. Feel free to book a no obligation time to come in so we can chat further about the Watson Ellis process for women -