how does it work?

The making of custom clothing requires a special process. Please read through the below steps to familiarize yourself with how we go about it.



The Process

At Watson Ellis we follow a simple but proven three-step process to ensure the best fit for your style and body.

Step 1: The styling and fit session

First we will discuss your fit needs and style preferences—ie., your lifestyle and how you will wear your garment/s. We will then fit you in a muslin garment, pinning and clipping our way toward fit perfection! Following the fitting, Melissa will help you to choose from our many beautiful fabric swatches, and to find something within your budget. We will then discuss all the other design details—lining styles, button types, buttonhole colors, lapel widths. It’s all pretty fun, it must be said. This one-on-one session will take approximately one hour.

Step 2: Second fitting

4-6 weeks later we meet again for a final fitting in your newly made custom clothes. In this session we make sure the garment/s fits exactly as we had planned. If you’re over the moon with the product you can take it home then and there. If some minor alterations still need to be made, no problem—it will only take a week from the date of your second fitting to make these changes.

Step 3: Final look

If minor alterations have been made then we’ll meet one last time for Melissa to give your garment/s a final look over before you take it home!

Men's 2 piece custom suit.jpg

Pricing fully depends on the fabric and garment you choose. Here is a quick rundown:

  • 2pc Suits - Start at $1200 for men; and $1100 for women

  • Blazers - Start at $995 for men; and $798 for women

  • Pants - Start at $375 for men; and $350 for women

  • Overcoats - for both men and women - Start at $1900 for 100% New Zealand Wool, Cashmere blends start at $2300, Baby Camelhair starts at $2800, 100% Cashmere Starts at $4800

  • Shirts - for both men and women - are $400 for one, or 4 for $1000

Women's custom suit.jpg

All About the fabric

We believe that quality in apparel all starts with the fabric. As such, we have curated a collection of fabrics that will blow you away in terms of style and quality. All sourced from the world’s leading mills in the UK and Italy, with whom Melissa has built a strong relationship after many years of experience in the NYC fashion industry, Watson Ellis fabrics are the best on the market. In addition, we offer high quality fabrics at a range of different price points, ensuring that you will be able to find a garment that fits within your budget.