Why watson ellis?

Because nothing will ever fit you quite like a custom garment. That’s especially true if the garment is handmade by expert tailors using only the best fabrics in the world, which is the case at Watson Ellis. Our fitting and manufacturing processes are all overseen by our head designer and CEO, Melissa Watson Ellis. When you come in for your appointment Melissa will fit and guide you through the design process step by step, drawing on her wealth of experience as both a tailor and designer.

We are not a made-to-measure company. We are a handmade custom clothing company. What this essentially means is that the design of your garment is endlessly customizable as well as being handmade by expert crafts-people. This approach ensures the highest quality end product, as well as ensuring each garment is a true reflection of your individual style. We’re passionate about environmentally and economically sustainable slow fashion, as opposed to the unsustainable and exploitative processes of the fast fashion industry. This passion is a big part of the motivation behind Watson Ellis.


  • Because unlike ready-to-wear fashion, Watson Ellis garments are made with your personality and body in mind. Our clothes are not based on generic sizes or styles. Instead they are based on your unique measurements and style.

  • Because fast fashion and / or ready-to-wear is generally not made to last. We, by contrast, are setting out to make heirlooms — the kinds of garments that you will treasure; garments that you will think of as central pieces in your wardrobe for many years.

  • Because you are unique and your clothes should be too. Our garments are completely customizable, from the cut, color, fabric and lining, down to the buttons, buttonholes and stitching.

unique shopping Experience!!

  • It’s a by-appointment-only business. That means Melissa works with you one-on-one to ensure the best possible result in terms of design and fit. It also means that your shopping experience is more fun, personalized and interactive than it is when you walk into a standard retail store. There might even be a cocktail or two involved..

Uniquely positioned

  • Melissa is uniquely positioned as a female tailor, designer and seamstress with over ten years of experience across these fields. She is not just a budding designer who had a (great!!) idea to launch a tailoring company. She actually knows exactly how these garments are being constructed, the composition of every fabric, and how to perfectly fit according to your measurements. This kind of experience is invaluable when it comes to ensuring the highest quality bespoke product.

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