our founder

Founder Melissa Watson Ellis has worked as a designer and production manager in the NYC apparel industry (Ralph Lauren, Theory, Faherty) for the last decade, five years of which was spent at a men's bespoke suiting company. She has also designed a line of patterns for the McCall pattern company since she was a teenager. In other words, she's an expert when it comes to fit, garment construction, and custom-apparel design.

WATSON ELLIS brings all of Melissa's experience to bear on our premium products and how they are fitted to your body. We only use the best fabrics from the best mills in Italy and the UK; and our garments are actually handmade at our family-owned and operated factory in China which is second-to-none in terms of bespoke apparel craftsmanship.

We at WATSON ELLIS pride ourselves on our design aesthetic and styling expertise. When you come to us, Melissa will work with you to ensure that the styling and design of your garment/s is on point in every way.