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men’s custom

We offer handmade custom suits, blazers, overcoats, pants and shirts for men. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE OUR 2019 MEN’S LOOKBOOK.

Keep in mind that all our custom garments are handmade by expert tailors using only the best fabrics in the world. Not only does that ensure the highest quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship, it also means our garments are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. There are no limits to what we can do — unique lapel styles to fit your personality, unique buttonhole placements, you name it.


As noted above, we do offer men’s custom shirts at the following rates: 1 shirt for $400, and a package of 4 for a $1000. They’re awesome, as some of our reviews attest, but we don’t have any images of them on hand right now. I mean, we do, but they’re not quite up to our incredibly high aesthetic standards just yet.. So check back soon, K?