womens custom suits

Women’s custom

We offer handmade custom suits, blazers, overcoats, pants and shirts for women. Please scroll down to see our 2019 lookbook.

Nothing will ever fit you quite like a custom garment. That’s especially true if the garment is handmade by expert tailors using only the best fabrics in the world, which is the case at Watson Ellis. Our fitting and manufacturing processes are all overseen by our head designer and CEO, Melissa Watson Ellis. When you come in for your appointment Melissa will fit and guide you through the design process step by step, drawing on her wealth of experience as both a tailor and designer.

We are not a made-to-measure company. We are a handmade custom clothing company. What this essentially means is that the design of your garment is endlessly customizable as well as being handmade by expert crafts-people. This approach ensures the highest quality end product, as well as ensuring each garment is a true reflection of your individual style. We’re passionate about environmentally and economically sustainable slow fashion, as opposed to the unsustainable and exploitative processes of the fast fashion industry. This passion is a big part of the motivation behind Watson Ellis.




Our 2pc suits for women start at $1100 and range to upward of $4000. Huge range, right? Don’t worry about it, there are amazing options at all of our price points. We’ll guide you through it and make it as simple and transparent as possible.

Our shirt offering: 1 custom shirt for $400, and 4 for $1000.


We use only the best fabrics from the best mills in Italy, France, and England - Loro Piana, VBC, Dormeuil, Ariston etc.. Both our color and fabric options are huge, ranging from conservative to fashion-forward. The lookbook below presents just a small sample of what we have to offer.


The Watson Ellis fit process is where our specialties lie. We will fit you in a real pant and jacket muslin, taking into account what changes need to be made to suit your body, as well as being able to assess how you want the garments to feel. That’s 360 degree fit.