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Women’s custom

We offer handmade custom suits, blazers, overcoats, pants and shirts for women. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE OUR 2019 WOMEN’S LOOKBOOK.


Here’s the thing: women can’t just be squeezed into men’s sizing templates or men’s fabric and design styles. Women’s bodies are different, so are their design ideals, for the most part. We get this, and that’s why we devote an equal amount of time and energy (or maybe even a little more..) to the women’s side of our business as we do to the men’s. Melissa, our founder and designer, knows how to fit women, she’s been doing it her whole life. She also spends a lot of time curating the best fabrics and design options for women each season.

So ladies, come and see us. We’ve got your custom clothing needs covered to a standard that no other company in NYC can match.